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What will Be Chapter 3A
Young Quill came awake to his surroundings standing at the window; his roses were blooming.  At the edgd of the clearing his father stood waiting; he beckoned to him before walking into the forrest.

Sue Clearwater paused as she rolled out the evening's biscuts...a sudden surge of something akin to ...Joy, or...some bright glad thing that was there and gone in a flash.
In her minds eye, a sudden picture of Seth....laughing was followed by the tongue-out happily panting face of the multi-colured wolf that he also was shaking water from it's fur, like after a swim......
And she was seeing through other eyes, looking at .....Jasper Cullen, his hair wet, blinking water out of his lashes.
She put a hand to her cheek as tears filled her eyes.
Her baby....

The big black wolf's claws dug into the ground even as it's form dissolved back into a human one.
Fists clenched, Sam walked out of the trees and headed for the cliff.
The waves below slamming against the rocks like rage-fueled punches from an angry god determined to destroy them.
Right now  Sam could have cheerfully delivered some similar Seth Clearwater!
As if it wasn't enough that he liked...other men.....

But the Elders of the tribe, particularly Old 'And' Young Quil Ateara had spoken.
Also the head bloodsucker had helped Jacob after one of the new-borns had broken almost every bone in the right side of his body.
By now, everybody except the 'cause of the trouble' knew what was going on.
The shock, horror and reeling of betrayal rose up in him again...the same way it had the first time he'd 'seen' it all in Seth's thoughts.

It was unbelieveable.....but irreverseable.
It should have been impossible!
Awolf imprinting on a vampire.

That his emotions are in such termoil and yet Sam could hold back the shift, had been able to shift back should've been too.
He'd run so fast and so hard to put as much distance as possible between himself and...THEM...before he did something that would cost more than he'd ever be able to repay.
Maybe that was it, enough energy burned off to.....
But no, it was just probably just 'another' of the 'CHANGES' that the Elders said would be happening more and more often...Now!

Still, theb memory of them together...
Sam had noticed Seth's care in following the vampire, staying down-wind, moving with almost complete silence.
He should have known what the boy had in mind.
Still, he'd held on to the hope that the blo-, that Jasper might refuse him!

So what if no imprinted had ever refused the match, there'd  never been one like this before.

Jasper's hair was plastered round his face, darker for being wet, but the 'blondness' of it still intrigued Seth; that and the sparkling multi-colured wonder of his imprinted's skin in the sunlight.
Of course he is half-smiling, his eyes large and soft with wonder  as he runs his hands over the super-cool, marble-hard body he has dreamed of and waited months to touch.

Jasper's eyes glinted wickedly as he pulled Seth in for another kiss , his arms wrapping round the  boy as they sank, then as Jaspers lips smiled against his, Seth drew in a breath that was almost half water as they flew upward with Jaspers leap!

With the boy held tightly against his body, Jasper reached out and caught hold of a tree-branch.
The adoration in Seth's eyes as they hung there made the older(surely too much older and too jaded for this kind of thing) vampire feel like his cold un-beating heart feel like it might just think about trying it again.
Beating that is...or exploding!

Their lips are pressed together; tongues dueling, tasting, exploring.
Seth's legs come up and wrap round him..and they are falling....

The impact, mostly absorbed by Jasper's legs threatened to separate them, but his hold on the boy, though it is gentle, is also unbreakable.
Jasper can hardly believe it...he feels ...almost warm!
Seth is so.... warm...

Jasper hasn't missed the thing that flashed in those lovely dark brown eyes as they fell, eyes that somehow always seem to sparlke and shine with delight...maybe ...for him?
That tiny thread of fear tried to resurface, but a breathless sort of determination with alll kinds of hope at it's core rose up and smothered it; and Jasper is distracted by the warm pink tongue sliding over lips so warm...he can't wait feel them on more than just his mouth.

They look at each other....
Seth, knowing he won't get to see the true color of Jasper's eyes very often...maybe never again.
Jasper noticing...really seeing the changes in Seth over the last few months at last is amazed that this isn't a kid in his arms.
Feeling everything Seth is feeling from being in his arms at last...
So much happiness, elation....desire!

Jasper, having grown accustomed to having so much time has learned to use it more wisely than most.
It had taken him a while to really believe he could live decades, even hundreds of years without ageing.

But now he is very glad of it, since Seth(or as he is already beginning to think of him, HIS Little Wolf')will too.
So now, instead of 'rushing' anything, they bask in the glow of what Jasper feels in Seth and is using his gift to return to him intensified by what he is nolonger fighting against feeling himself....       


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