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the Dream 24-b
Yeah.....that froze HIM!

That look.....
Now, Dylan thought , I know how one of our specimens feel-electronmicroscope(yeah, I know that word/machine now! also thanks to him, well, trying to impress him more anyway.)

So many things he does to/for me....without even trying...or noticeing.

Yeah, I am starting to reallly get into my healthsciences class now.                                                    Very cool machines.
So what if he only learned abouat machines to spend time with his dad..?
That he loves him enough to want to...even though like with me and hockey, he really didn't care about it, didn't get into it for himself.
My Marco.
He 'visited' my class one friday; as a future student, you know, just checking it out. After class he started asking about some of the equipment and Dr.Sorrensen got involved...said something about how well I handled the experiments he'd given out this term.

Marco was impressed.

Hell yeah I'm all over it now!

I can't believe he never said a word, I know that would never have been me before the 'counseling'!

Nobody else has ever looked at me the way he!

I know it's, well part of it is just the way he looks at things so..different from the way most people just look and go on.
Marco really much.

I just wasn't expecting, and no way near ready to have that kind of time/thought....intensity turned on ME!

It used to scare me to death ...and make me so....beyond nervous....
I wanted to believe it...couldn't stop thinking ab out it...about HIM.

But I just couldn't see...HIM...wanting to...I mean why ...ME?

But he... did/does!

And I am grinning that little-kid-nothing -held-back grin; running to grab him up and spin him round.
He can't resist my smile when it's like this and turned on/because of him, and he's  soon laughing with me.
I squeeze him so hard and he just laughs...

I used to stop myself, put him down quickly and ask if he was o.k., he'd always say he was fine, but after a while I noticed he looked sorta dissapointed, or he'd just laugh and change the subject.

Then came The Football Saturday.....

Marco can handle wine or liquor pretty well; but beer gives him the giggles.
I've tried telling him not to drink it so fast, but he says it's so like soda that he just forgets(not that I mind, he's too adorable when it happenes!) and besides he doesn't do it very often.

I found out early on that about half way through his second Molson M, or Lowenbrau PD anything could set him off and....did I tell you I love to make faces.

I didn't dare really tickle him then....just the threat of a touch was more than enough to get him squirming away from me and or trying to out -run me, as if!

We were alone at my house, my parents, and Paige gone for the weekend(though I hadn't told him that part yet)all-day football, and most of a case of Lowenbrau Dark.

He turned his face up to me; we were sitting with just the pop-corn bowl between us on the reclining couch...(and yeah, I was trying to think of a smooth way to ditch that bowl!) already a little glassy-eyed.

Those beautiful eyes, a little wider, shining with glad we're finally alone...and beer !
The soo dark brows and curling lashes....framed by that hair....

Marco is half-smiling...biting his  lips a little, trying not to giggle so he can ask me something.
All I can do is grin back...and look at him; my breathing totally wrecked at the sound of each choked-off giggle.
Yeah, already lost.
His eyes flicked down to my lips, and I saw the pink tip of his tongue slip quickly over his full bottom lip, and forgot  how to breathe at all for a few seconds.
When he glanced back up, I crossed my eyes at him(!)..... giggle city!

"Stop it!" he screamed holding his belly; by then tears were streaming down his flushed cheeks.
"O.k. so..what?" I asked, knowing he'd get round to that question anyway, even though back then I often worried too much about what he might ask: sometimes Marco can see more than I'm ready to  deal with.
Yeah, big news.

He looked at me for real then, and I made myself not do anything to put this off any longer, like I said, back then I ...that look just was like he could see all the way into me, and I jusat wasn't ...didn't feel ...'worthy'.. of that...of HIM.

"How come when we..when you.." he touched my arm, sliding his fingers up to my bicep, smirking a little, and looking at me through his lashes again, he said "I'm not glass--I won't  break ya know!"

That was about the last thing I expected.
My grin was wicked as I reached for the switch that flattened out the couch.
"Dylan!" he squeeked, but I'd already rolled over and pulled him into my arms.

He giggled with his face burried in my chest.

I squeezed tight as I'd always wanted to, and he  murmered something I had to pull back for a second to catch...
"I like it with you ...on top of me too!" he said too quickly, and all together...and he was blushing again..

It was after that that I started.......sneaking out to see him.

In the darkness at the edges of the room......
In the shadows cast by ordinary things; those who lie in wait turned to their leader....
Waiting for their new orders.

There had to be distractions.....Now!
The roar building in the demons the ichor(that pitch-black substance that served instead of blood) now growing hotter and hotter as it rushed through it's veins made the waiting minions tremble and gibber in terror..

It wasn't just the fear of possible  failure and the subsequent was the way those orders would be given.
Ears would bleed, their drums burst from roars so loud that they would have been( could they have heard and survived it) the envy of any rock musician.

Hide would part in shreds, or be lost altogether, depending on whether it was whip, claw, or whatever corrosive fluid it chose to well as where it landed!

Perhaps if action were simply taken....
ANY Action!?!


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